Hamedal V20 Intelligent Camera

Hamedal V20 Intelligent Camera

Hamedal was born with minimalist concept to fix hardware limitations faced with video conferencing SaaS users. We are on a mission to equip conference rooms with the best audio & video hardware that clicks with the best video conferencing SaaS. We believe that every business should have access to great, flexible new technology for enterprise connectivity and we’re on a mission to make it happen.


Extra wide-angle lens to see everyone in the room

With custom-designed extra wide-angle low distortion 160° lens, everyone in the meeting room can be easily captured, without using manual mechanical PTZ.


Tiny yet powerful with AI on Edge

With such a small form factor, actual AI algorithm is implemented on the chip to enable human and face tracking with recent CNN networks. AI algorithm is tuned on thousands of hours of actual annotated conference data to achieve near 100% precision at 100% recall.


Structure design to guarantee Reliability

We spend lots of time on structural design and manufacturing to guarantee that Hamedal V20 is stable. The heat from main chip is well released with metal structure to make sure Hamedal V20 is reliable enough to sustain 24/7 extensive usage.


Ethical AI for Social Responsibility

We are strong believer that AI should be used on the edge and no user data shall be published to the cloud. Hamedal V20 is designed to be a USB accessory so that no data shall be exposed to the cloud. AI should be used to help people with better communication tools rather than a way to collect data. With this in mind, Hamedal V20 is designed as it is now.


Room Intelligence API Ready for Integration

With auto-zooming, Hamedal V20 will zoom onto the group of people in the conference room. Enterprise IT can make usage of our API to monitor how many people are actually using the conference room.


Studio Quality Audio with Our Microphone Array

With our 4-element microphone array and proprietary beamforming algorithm, Hamedal V20 is more than a camera but a recording device to record studio quality audio.